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soldier's home in northwest washington. they planned to accommodate all of those who died in the washington area hospitals. what happened was that the war went on longer and was bloodier than anybody expected this of that we pretty soon filled up the graveyards, national cemeteries in alexandria and at the old soldier's home in washington and needed new burial space. so the quartermaster's office of the union army looked across the river and found this place, arlington and thought it would be a good place to begin burying people. arlington happened to be the home of robert e. lee, the confederate general. so, not only was it a convenient place to begin military burials from the symbol war. it was also thought to be a matter of justice, maybe even vindication if you want to call it that. the first military burials at arlington can of may, 1864, well into the civil war and the very first of the burials was private from 67 pennsylvania infantry named william. he was a farmer from a poor family who, and he came to search in the union army. unfortunately he end up in the hospit
. gwen: happy new year! but, before we look ahead, we take a look back tonight on "washington week." a thwarted attempt to blow a plane from the sky revives old fears about terrorism, and the tradeoffs we make to feel safe. >> this was a serious reminder of the dangers that we face and the nature of those who threaten our homeland. >> the threat to the united states is real. i think this administration has downplayed it. they need to recognize it. gwen: at the end of the year and the end of a decade, a new scare. michael duffy of "time" magazine provides context. then, a roundtable with three "washington week" panelists whose books tell us much about the year just passed and the year to come. dan balz, author of "the battle for america 2008: the story of an extraordinary election," joan biskupic, the author of "american original," a biography of the supreme court justice antonin scalia, david sanger, author of "the inheritance," a look at the challenges of our foreign policy. >> celebrating 40 years of journalistic excellence, from our nation's capital, this is "washington week" wi
of the biggest sports figures in town, but these could call his future into washington into doubt. hakem dermish has gilbert's take. >> reporter: gilbert has communicated through twitter. that's where we get his response to this incident which is crazy. the wizards' season has been completely disappointing on the court. off the court, it's been bizarre. after seeing the published report this morning, gilbert arenas tweeted, "i wake up this morning and seen i was the new john wayne. lmao media is too funny." "i understand this is seriou if you ever met me you know i don't do serious things." "i'm a goof ball. this story don't sound goofy to me." pat collins asked teammates about what they know about the incident. >> ever seen any guns in the locker room? do you think these allegations will impact your play tomorrow night's game? >> we've got to focus on tomorrow. people are going to investigate, look into it and do their job. >> reporter: ever see guns in the locker room? >> never. >> reporter: do you think these allegations will affect your game plan tomorrow night? >> no. we believe in each oth
. the continental army, under the direction of george washington, had just finished a daring but successful surprise attack on the british at trenton. in retaliation, the british launched an attack of its on on the, no army. instead of retreating, washington ordered his troops to stay and fight. it was a daring move. when the soldiers in the contra army saw the size and strength of the enemy, many of them were filled with dread. as one historian put it, even in that awful moment, these men had a sense of their own strength, a confidence in what an upper, and a feeling that province was with them that night. -- confidence in one another. against impossible odds, they broke the enemy column, forcing the british to retreat. at a moment of victory, the entire, it is said to have triumphantly shouted as one. the second battle of trenton was a great victory for washington's troops. the young nation had become exhausted and discouraged by war. 233 is later, americans have not lost the spirit of trenton. two long and difficult wars have prolonged recession and double-digit unemployment. these are difficult
in new york, washington d.c., and shanksville, pennsylvania. was it a high point or a low point for media coverage? i mean, it really was the story of the decade, wasn't it? >> well, at that point i was working at the new york times, which won i think seven pulitzers for the coverage we did, lead up to that horrific event. i think it was an amazing period for news, jon, i think that everybody finally caught up with the story of the formation of militants groups like al-qaeda, the names that we now take for granted that we're seeing all over the world, we began to understand that they were really up to, and it was a moment of incredible challenge for the media and i think they rose pretty well to it at the beginning. >> jon: i remember the feeling of unity that came out of those attacks and it lasted a while. >> yeah. >> jon: it seems to be gone now. >> it does indeed. i agree with everything that judy said. i think that it's important to remember that the media had ample opportunities to cover the story, to connect the dots before 9/11. i interviewed tom fenton, then just retired from c
of rip van winkle's -- washington irving story, rip van winkle, which i think captures some of the extraordinary changes that took place in this. in 1789 and 1815. in fact, from the revolution to the second decade of the 19th century. irving, who was conservative and conservative sensibilities, wrote the short story which i think is his most famous short story, most of you are familiar with it. in the second decade of the 19th century. i think he was trying to express some of the awesome changes that he had experienced in his own lifetime. and they've been here developed an acute sense that his native land was no longer the same place that it had been a generation earlier. he had his character, as you recall, rip weakened from a street that had begun before the revolution and had gone on for 20 years or so. and when rip enters his own village, he immediately felt lost. the building, the faces, the names are all strange and incomprehensible. the very village wrote irving was largely more populous except among the agent who was no longer tolerated. the very character of the pe
peninsula. kimberly dozier in washington has more on that part of the story. story. >> reporter: this is yemeni government video of its u.s.-trained counter-terrorist teams at work. but cbs news has lshed exclusively that recent combined air and ground assaults against al qaeda in december were american-led, according to a u.s. special prayings expert who trains yemeni officers. >> that was very much something executed by the united states but with very heavy support by the yemeni government. it was cruise missile strikes, in combination with military units on the ground, but it was a very disik signal from the obama administration that they are serious in assisting yemen remove these al qaeda facilities from its soil. >> reporter: the target, al qaeda of the arabian peninsula, an affiliate of osama bin laden's group with a popular following in yemen. the yemeni offshoot claimed responsibility for the attempted airliner bombing on christmas day, but american counter-terrorist teams have been track al qaeda in yemen since the uss "cole" bombing in 2000 and the u.s. military, incl
of the inconsistencies coming out of washington. >> jonathan hone ig? do you agree. >> the fallacy of the obama administration is government spending creates wealth and we know, i know you want to keep the momentum going. look where it has taken us. this week another $3.5 billion down the toilet to gmac. government spending, government run economy creates political boon doggles that create no weather and we need profit taking businessmen, from cash to clunkers and the other programs, all we've done is redistribute. >> and $2 trillion, created no profits to be made, in a recession, and the figure out of career builder, 20% of purchasing hires, want to hire workers, sounds impressive compared to last year. >> full-time. >> it was 54% a few years ago, and 20% -- is an improvement but a level that will not get the unemployment rate down significantly and until the economy improves we need a jobs bill and one proposed is a lot of garbage. but the idea of temporarily hiring people until the private sector thinks they can make profits by hiring people is required. i expect the obama will go into fdr m
kidnapping. the coroner has not said how she died. >>> the washington wizards are playing at home forthe first time since two of its stars were accused of pulling guns on each other. gilbert arenas and tarvaris crittenton pulled guns on each other. >> reporter: the washington wizards are hosting the at the verizon center. the talk of the down is this gun violation charge involving two washington wizards. froifz player gilbert arenas and javaris crittenton. the associated press is quoting and unnamed nba official that said the league was already investigating an incident between arenas and an unnamed other player. that incident involved carped playing and gambling debts and a heated discussion between the players. no guns were mentioned. the league had begun its investigation into whatever the incident was. then the new york post broke the story on friday that the two men apparently drew guns on each other here in the ocker room at the verizon center. now, neither man has forthrightly answered press inquiries as to what exactly went on. they're sort of clamming up. arenas has twittered a
future terrorist attacks. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >>> college football took center stage on new year's day. hakim dermish has your sports minutes. >>> we start with the grand daddy of them all, the rose bowl in pasadena. ohio state taking honoring gone. terrell pryor threw for tohdowns. it snaps a losing streak for ohio's state. it is the buckeye's first rose bowl win since 1997. penn state against lsu, 61 seconds to play, nittany lions down by one. colin wagner on from 21 yards down. penn state beats lsu, 19-17. hockey, flyers and bruins, game tied at 1 in overtime, patrick bergeron wins it. i am hakim dermish. have a great weekend. >>> 6:08 its your time, 27 degrees. the new place that cameras are keeping a watchful eye over you. russian vodka has suddenly doubled in price. why some brave souls came to a (matt caliandro) when i try new products, it's an adventure. the exciting part about it was being one of the first people to use sensodyne iso-active. i couldn't believe the packaging it doesn't look a toothpaste. the gel turns into a foam it's expanding, it's bubbling.
>> "washington journal" takes your calls and e-mails live every morning starting at 7 a.m. eastern, here on c-span. >> "newsweek" is reporting exclusively that saturday morning president obama received a high-order briefing three days before christmas, about terrorists threats. the highest officials are a part of this. and talk about that this hour, and thought we would get your feelings on airport security, what have you noticed and changed in the days of the incident coming into detroit. if you have been to the airport, or know someone who has, call the numbers on your screen. your experience with airport security lately. there is this story in "the washington post", lawmakers knew of tsa pick era, and it's a follow-up of the nominee. lawmakers knew of tsa pick's error, the latest is that the democratic senators lobbied around tsa pick, and as new details emerged that key lawmakers knew that he had mischaracterized a personal incident in his testimony, washington supported rogers of his assessing confidence criminal records 20 years ago of his then estranged wife's boyfriend. as
provides context. then, a roundtable with three "washington week" panelists whose books ll us much about the year just passed and t year toome. dan balz, author o"the battle for america 2008: thetory of aextraordinary ection," joan biskupic, theuthor of "american original,a biography of the supreme court justic annin scalia, davisanger, authoof "the inherance," a ook at t challenges of o foreign policy. >> celebrating 40 years of journalistic eellence, from our nati's capital, this is "washington week" withwen ifill. produced in associati with "national journal." corporate funding for "washiton week" is provided b -- >> we know why we'r here. to esign the futu of fligh inside and out. >> build omorrow's technogy in amazing ways. >> and resape th scienc of aerosce forever. >> around theglobe, the people ofoeing re working togeer for the dreams of generations to come. >> that's whywe're here. >> the johns hopkin global m.b.a integrating expertise with intertional understanding to develop leaders fr a better world. the johs hopkins carey busine school, where bsiness is taug with umanity in
, the healthier life. >> reporter: liz crenshaw, news 4 washington. >>> still to come on this special edition of "news 4 this week." why some say working out can actually make you fat. >>> also, closer look at those home flu remedies and whether they r >>> welcome back to our special edition of "news 4 this week." get healthy for the new year. exercise may very well be at the top of your new year's resolution list. but some experts say that working out too much can actually make you gain weight. doreen gentzler with an explanation of why hitting the gym to stay slim may be a losing battle. >> 27-year-old rebecca goldring starts her day way 30-minute walk. >> this is your big peak, work it strong. >> reporter: then there's an exercise class during lunch, and maybe even a spin class in the evening. >> when i first started, i lost weight. and i sort of plateaued. >> reporter: so when her doctor told her to lose another 16 pounds, she was devastated. >> this is really, really frustrating. when she told me that, i almost started crying. if i try to lose 16 pounds, i will have no energy. and, you k
is the oldest woman in washington, d.c. armando trull spent the afternoon with edie williams hoping to get some tips. >> i'll tell you what, god ain't no fool. >> feisty or not, edie is thought to be the oldest woman in washington, d.c. her birthday is next monday. >> how old are you going to be? >> oh, how old am i? 110. >> 110? >> yes. >> wow, you look good for 110. >> i do? thank you. >> and edie is still going strong. >> no operation, no bedridden, [ inaudible ] >> i cook -- >> at monday's party, her eight grandchildren, 21 great grandchildren, and seven great, great grandchildren. her long time care giver says the birthday girl is looking forward to it. >> every day we are laughing and laughing. >> the children come -- >> really? what are you going to dance? what's your favorite dance? >> oh, i like anything. i can dance. >> really? >> oh yeah. >> the former red cross nurse was born in tampa, but lived in the district for 56 years and says the secret to a long life is no secret at all. >> you, me, and anybody. look up. >> in northeast washington, armando trull, 9news
from washington. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> so how the fed are telling it there was a second person detained in the christmas day plane plot. plus, a possible motive for the deadly attack on a cia base in afghanistan and rush limbaugh speaking out about his health care. i'm gregg jarrett in for shepard smith and the news begins now. >> who will take charge of security in the skies? week after an attempted attack, new problems for the president's pick to lead the transportation security administration. why the nominee is correcting the record about something he calls a grave error in judgment. a devastating attack on u.s. intelligence on the afghan-pakistan border, new details on the bombing that killed seven cia workers, what it tells us about our strategy in the region, the risks and the future of the fight. and as the ball dropped and the crowds cleared, they were watching. >> for our command post, post 8. >> catherine herridge takes us where reporters have never gone before. >> how tough is it? >> behind the scenes with the fbi at the biggest party of
the heat of these statues around the country. only a handful of them survived including here in washington d.c. and also in new york city. if you look at the statue itself, of course it's loaded with symbolism here. mostly symbolizing water. so you see the two dolphins in the middle which are pretty ugly. one came out of their mouths and this is an actual drinking fountain. there was a broad cop. the two cranes on top of the fountain, which of course those are waterbirds. and when it was her upper corner of pennsylvania avenue 100 feet south of us now, it looked across from this very bad neighborhood. so symbolically what the fountain said western water instead of whiskey because whiskey drinking was very prevalent at the time in 1882. >> were do we go from here? >> were going to go hear a pin to chinatown to the smithsonian art museum which is where abraham lincoln had his second non-euro ball in 1865 and will talk about abraham lincoln and his new untempered fire. at the smithsonian american art museum and the portrait art gallery so it's to museums and one. it was renovated asters six y
: the family's house is being rebuilt and they plan to return. in northeast washington, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now and wusa9.com. >> the dc fire department went back to the neighborhood around jackson street today to check and hand out working fire detector. >>> the 9-year-old boy seriously injured when a tree fell in westminster has died. noah austeed was hit by a hickory tree on tuesday. they were getting ready for a hike when the tree came do you know. the 10-year-old girl also injured in the accident was treated and released from the hospital. >>> a gray day to start off 2010. check with devon lucie on the weather terrace for the forecast first. >> the winds are starting to pick up outside. getting a little breezy. it will be down right windy once we go overnight to tomorrow morning. wind speeds 20 miles an hour. in gaithersburg below that. 9-mile an hour breeze and these are from the northwest. checking out the temperatures northwest of here as winds will usher in whatever blows over if it will be warmer air or rain and snow, brings that in and those colder temperatures are heading o
of the wild wild west but here in washington, d.c., a showdown at gunpoint inside the verizon center. published reports indicate gilbert arenas faced off with another player. >> reporter: gilbert arenas left practice today without commenting leaving just seconds after reports were allowed inside. as players left the court for the showers, some of them stopped to talk but claim they knew something of the alleged gun play between teammates. [ indiscernible ] >> i don't know nothing about that. >> you ever seen any guns in the locker room? >> no. >> people are going to investigate, look into it and do their job. we'll do ours. >> basically the teams released a statement. >> reporter: the statement in whole read, the washington wizards take the situation and the ongoing investigation very seriously. we are continuing to cooperate fully with the proper authorities and the nba and we'll have no further comment at this time. on christmas eve the team released a statement which reads in part: the washington wizards have learned that gilbert arenas stored firearms in a locked container his lo
, 2010, the first weekend of the new year. hope you're having a great one. >>> washington police are investigating an incident between two nba players who reportedly drew guns on one another in a locker room standoff. joe carter is here with this bizarre story. >> good morning, susan. >>> the new york post is reporting that two washington wizard players, gil ert arenas and javaris crittendon both drew guns on each other. according to the new york post, it was over a gambling dispute. they told cnn washington police are investigating. >> a lot of rumors going on. sorting rumors from fact is going to take some time. there is an investigation under way, and i can't xwhent on it. >> the wizards released a statement saying the team takes this very seriously. neither gilbert arenas or jar vars crittendon could be reached for comment. >>> the president says it appears the suspected bomber umar farouk abdulmutallab joined the group while in yemen and got training from al qaeda while there. the group gave abdulmutallab the explosives and his marching orders. in his weekly radio address, t
baltimore. he had to make a stop in baltimore and take a shuttle to washington. he said, should i keep going? i said, if they have not told you to stop, then you should keep going. if it is now 7:00 p.m. i called the white house and said, you're getting my family to washington. have any of you given any thought to how i am going to get their? they stopped and said, oh, i guess we should figure that out, shall we not? that was literally the did response -- the response. i was told that the president had become distracted with important other business that was going on at the time and that he would call me about 8:00 p.m., but that i should go home and pack to come to washington and that i would prefer not to take an airplane. so i rushed out of my office, home, put a suitcase on my bed and we started packing the suitcase. i called a friend to ask him to drive me to washington. he came or was on his way. at 6:00 p.m., -- at 8:10 p.m., i received a phone call on my cellphone. they said, the president is on the line. >> were you on the road? >> note, i was still packing. -- no, i was still packi
at international leaders. >> saturday on "washington journal," the look at the rise of al qaeda in yemen. then dr. david shern on a new law that takes effect today. later, a fellow at the center for education reform talks about the state of education in the united states. taking your calls and e-mail like every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern, here on c-span. >> get your own copy of c-span pose the original documentary, the supreme court, on dvd. it is part of our american icons series, one of the many items available at c-span.org. >> next, we talk to the new supreme court justice, sonia sotomayor. she discusses her nomination by president obama, the confirmation hearings, and her first impressions of the job at a supreme court justice. her interview is followed by one with the first woman to serve on the court, former justice sandra day o'connor. >> 20 years plus, justice o'connor could remember vividly the details of her first argument, telling us what it was like. what are the impressions you are going to take away from yours? >> the moment that i sat down and was able to see the people in the a
carried out in december were very significant. >> reporter: pete williams, nbc news, washington. >> the senate intelligence committee plans on holding hearings later this month into the investigation into the security lapses from christmas. >>> the death toll has reached 88 in an apparent revenge bombing of a village in northwest pakistan. mourne began holding funerals for those killed in the explosion. a suicide bomber blew himself up on a crowded field during a bombing. the attack was in retaliation for those resisting the taliban. it was one of the deadliest bombings in pakistan in recent history. >>> we are following a developing story right now. pirates have reportedly hijacked a british cargo ship off the coast of somalia. both incidents happened yesterday. there is no word on the condition of the crew of the asian tanker. the european union says the 25-member crew ofhe british ship appears to be safe. >>> iran is giving the u.s. and it's western allies anulty may tomorrow concerning iran's counter proposal to a u.n. plan on a nuclear exchange. iran says it will start prod
of his intelligence chiefs when he returns to washington this week. he had really hoped to start this year, 2010, focusing on health care and the economy but those issues now on the back burner. his weekly address this morning in that he provides a new tail about the plot to bomb flight 253 on christmas day. >> also we have a sports schedule to tell you about this morning that does not involve tiger woods. nba and washington, d.c. police are investigating a report that two members of the washington wizards basketball teadrew guns on one another in the team's locker room during an argument over gambling debts. why guns seem to become part of the culture for some professional athletes. >> we've seen police use facebook to track down crimes. now the tables have turned on them. an escaped convict has been using it to taunt police with clues as to where he is. the facebook fugitive has more than 30,000 friends at last count still out there. >> why can't they take down his account? we'll get to that later. >>> also coming up the perils of peering into the future. there was a time when
to make hollywood a really potent force in washington, and he built a fund-raising machine such as had not existed in hollywood before. and he became -- he became really -- he was somebody who could call any president on the phone. his relationship -- he began by raising money for jfk, but he wasn't -- he was never close to jfk. but then with johnson, he found somebody whom he really admired enormously and felt close to. and after that, it continued. i mean, nixon he wasn't so close to, but there was a republican at mca who had the relationship with nixon. and then reagan -- well, wasserman had been his agent back starting in 1939, so they had a relationship over decades of great reciprocity. and clinton wasserman was crazy about. i remember he said to me, you know, don't get me started on bill clinton. i'll sound like a lovesick teenager. c-span: connect the connie bruck dots for me. you have been in new york. you're married to a former congressman who was here in washington for a while, but you live in los angeles. when did all -- explain all that. where did you start in
in washington. in a message to employees, the head of delta airlines says he's upset while the airline follows the strict post9/11 security crews, the passengers and crew are still put at risk. >> the work that we've done over the last decade really ought to give us a better result than the peril that our crews and passengers faced on christmas. >> the white house is leading the effort to answer those concerns as the investigation moves forward, president obama is warning officials they will be held accountable. >>> and the president has a number of meetings planned for next week in washington when he returns from his vacation in hawaii. >>> outrage is growing the night of the decision to present football star michael vick who was convicted of dog fighter with the prestigious ed block courage award. >> reporter: while that award is given to one player from each nfl team, the choice of vick is a growing controversy. he got out of jail less than a year ago after serving time for dog fighting. >> i started a page because i was so appalled at michael vick's response to receiving this award. >> rep
with the latest from washington. >> hi, shannon, the connection to the al-qaeda presence in yemen. president obama says the u.s. is at war against a far reaching network of violence and hatred and will do whatever it takes to defeat them. the president vacationing in hawaii an initial plot to bomb the amsterdam to u.s. flight christmas day has more details about the suspect. >> we know that he traveled to yemen, a country grappling with poverty and to join afail yacht of al-qaeda, trained him, equipped him with explosives and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> the president said he expects his counterterrorism and homeland security advisors to present final results of their inquiry as well as recommendations about how to proceed in the days to come. in the republican weekly radio and internet response today, the top g.o.p. senator, mitch mcconnell says the new year brings renewed hope and optimism. with two on going wars, recession and unemployment 10%, obama says it's difficult days for our nation, but went on to say these challenges do not define us as a people and difficul
washington. >> president obama is winding down an island vacation interrupted by the cold reality of terrorism. >> the sentiment was echoed by top republicans. >> at the beginning of the new year, it is important to remember that we are all united by a common fate that no tragedy is too big for the american people to overcome. >> a contentious fight to the finish on health care. and the battle on terror is going to flow and new after the attempted christmas day bombing of flight to under 53. >> let's make the changes that need to be made. >> meanwhile, the suicide bombing in afghanistan serves as a reminder of the struggle ahead in that area. on an island paradise, the president discussed the challenges they're facing this new year. he vows that those responsible for the christmas day bombing attempt will be held responsible. in washington, wbal-tv 11 news. >> in education alert, the university of maryland may drop language class is due to budget cuts. it is one of the few schools offerings hebrew class's. it is forced to cut funding. they will offer instruction if students insist
intelligence doesn't stop in washington. in a message to employees, the head of delta airlines says he is upset that while the airline follows the strict 9/11 security rules its passenger and crew are still put at risk. >> the work that we've done over the last decade really ought to give us a better result than the peril that our crews and passengers faced on christmas. >> reporter: the white house is leading the effort to answer those concerns as the investigation moves forward, president obama is warning administration officials they will be held accountable. in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >>> the president has meetings planned for next week in washington when he returns from his vacation in hawaii. >>> to a developing story out of pakistan, where a suicide car bombing has killed at least 88 people at a volleyball tournament. police say the field was packed with spectators when the attacker drove in a car filled with more than 500 pounds of explosives. investigators believe the real target was a nearby antitaliban leaders. on wednesday another suicide bombing killed seven ci
the nature of grief. we are talking about plato, played with an interesting figure and why. washington wasn't that kind of intellectual. if you want someone to lead your country, that is your -- any others? i can see everyone. if you have a kind of -- [applause] >> gordon wood wrote the radicalism of the american revolution. he is currently a history professor at brown university. for more information visit redwoodlibrary.org. fox news contributor michele malkin is done in depth, author of four books including the culture of corruption. shea take your calls and e-mails. that is sunday live at noon eastern on booktv. did you know you can view booktv programs on line? go to booktv.org. type the name of the author or subject into the search area in the upper left-hand corner of the page. select the watch link. you can view the entire program. you might explore the recently on booktv box or the featured programs box to find and view recent and featured programs. >> public monuments, james kelly interviewed everyone he could find who had known abraham lincoln to create a realistic statue of the
the lockerroom of the washington wizards. the latest on the rumors showdown coming up in sports. >>> coming up to the jump. he is going to hit it. >> a maryland man leaps his way into the record books kicking off 2010. >>> plus. >> i wanted to drop some weight and learn a new language. >> save more money. to lose weight and to get a new job. >> have you made your resolution? a look at why it can sometimes be hard to keep those new year's promises. >> really cold out here but the cold is just one thing. this wind is just biting right through this 9news jacket. take a look at your wakeup weather. cold and windy right now. blustery an bitter tomorrow. 20 to 28 degrees. if you don't have to go out this might be the best weekend to just snuggle up indoors. i'll tell you why when 9news now returns. >>> you now have to pay more the next time you jump on the dulles toll road. 25 cents more today. $1 at the gate. on and off ramps are 75 cents. extra revenue will go towards construction of metro silver line extension to dulles international airport. >>> mixed reactions from dc shoppers today as the 5 ce
, from 2008, to 2009. homicide totals dropped dramatically across the region last year. washington d.c. hit a 45-year low. and according to a piece in "the washington post," the district saw 140 murders in 2009, compared to 186 a year before. that's a 25% drop. and prince george's county logged 100 murders down from 135 and montgomery county saw a significant drop in homicides last year. a former r.o.t.c. instructor on the eastern shore will face a judge monday morning on sex abuse charges. 38-year-old john than rossal of bridgeville delaware has been charged with sexually abusing a 15-year-old female student. and he apparently turned himself into maryland state police on wednesday. police say the abuse happened in a fund-raiser in october and one month later, rossell resigned as an r.o.t.v. instructor in dorchester county. >>> tonight the taliban and pack scan has taken credit for killing of seven c.i.a. employees. they sent one of the c.i.a.'s own operatives to carry it out as revenge for a mirlt militant leader that was killed in a missile strike. these claims are yet to be confir
the washington wizards and starke gilbert arenas. the new york post reports arenas and a teammate had guns drawn on each other in the team's locker room at the verizon center. courtney robinson has more on the accusations and the response. >> the wizards say they were already cooperating with the nba and local authorities about guns that arenas admied to having inside at the verizon center, but now there is this, an article in today's new york post alleging a gun standoff between arenas and another player. on the court, it seems practice as usual for the washington wizards. off, there is controversy, investigation, and several allegations involving star guard gilbert arenas. >> we made a statement and that is all i am commenting on. >> just before christmas, arenas admitted to keeping unloaded gun in the locker room and turned it over to police officers. and now there are new allegations that a gambling debt with javaris critterton caused them to draw guns on each other behind locker room doors. was there a lot argument in the locker room? >> i don't know. >> we are family. i don't think nothing
the haqqani network. kimberely dozier, cbs news, washington. >> glor: more on the attempt to blow up flight 253 on christmas day, the senate intelligence committee has scheduled a hearing for january 21. they're trying to figure out how the suspect was able to board a u.s.-bound flight, and as bob orr tells us tonight, the white house is conductings its own investigation. >> reporter: the president is spending the last days of his hawaiian vacation studying reports from his intelligence agencies. detailing the information and security gapes that led to the attempted bombing of northwest flight 253. while no one has yet been fired, a senior administration official signaled changes saying the failure to share information is not going to be tolerated. the c.i.a., n.s.a., national counter-terrorism center, and the state department all had bit of information about umar farouk abdulmutallab, some of it dating back to communications intercepted by the nsa in august but abdulmutallab was never put on a watch list or identified as an express until the petn explosive hid nen his underaware failed to
't come close enough for "the washington post's" kathleen parker who writes -- "obama's open-collared vacation was deliver odd and katrina time, about two days too late, and fell a few links short of reassuring. calm in the face of potential zaft cere laudable but it's a fine line between executive tranquility and passive nonchalance. like a tone-deaf disk jock ji, obama plays elevator music when the crowd wants john philip souza. i'm joined by analyst pat buchanan and peter fenn. happy new year. >> happy new year, chris. >> is that fair, the criticism that the president was tone-deaf? >> no. the fact is you have to go out and make a statement if you're president of the united states with the facts. i think the administration coming out on sunday and saying the system worked is a legitimate criticism. the system clearly didn't work and the president, you know, on tuesday said just that. but i think -- you know, i think that the monday morning quarterbacking by conservative columnists is really not called for. what the american people want, chris, is they want less finger-poin
, and that health care bill needs reconciling as the president returns to washington the glow of vacation will quickly fade. >>> osama bin laden has company. a group of influential muslim clerics is revving up young people on the internet and preparing this emfor violence. our expert identifies the most dangerous. >>> baby steps. now, you actually have to start fulfilling those 2010 resolutions and maybe pledge to go run a marathon a day not the best way to do it. we'll tell you how to turn those hopes in to real life progress. >>> and think before you leap. this man for some reason thought it was a good idea to watch into a frozen pond. hopefully that's the worst decision he'll make in the new year nap he just one of the stories under the radar early this saturday morning, january 2nd, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> welcome to "the early show" here on a saturday morning. happy new year. my new year's resolution not to jump on any half frozen lakes half dressed. i'm chris wragge. >> and i'm debbye turner bell. the president's full plate. mr. obama faces several import
agencies to share information? >> well, there has always been in washington this intramural kind of feeling of possessiveness about information that is developed within an agency by its sources and so there is a tendency to stove pipe, to hoard information, and not to share it. and that has to be overcome. and as we said five years ago, it has to be overcome by presidential leadership, who requires that it be done, to overcome this obstinate tendency in our government agencies to hoard information. >> the 9/11 commission in december of 2005 gave its final support and specifically talked about prescreening passengers before they board the airline. and you gave this country, you gave the grade of an f. here is what the commission said. few improvements have been made to the existing passenger screening sim stins right after 9/11. that was back in 2005. what grade would you give the obama administration today after learning of this incident? >> well, again, it is one incident, we're still finding out facts. but clearly we have not seen implemented with the alacrity that we would have wished to
is following the latest developments, she's in washington. the president says that the u.s. has had its eye on this group for a while. right? >> reporter: hi. yes. al-qaeda in yemen and in the broader arabian peninsula. the president says they've gone on the attack previously. listen to this. >> in recent years, they've bombed yemeni government facilities and western hotels, restaurants and embassies, including our embassy in 2008, killing one american. so as president, i've made it a priority to strengthen our partnership with the yemeni government, training and equipping their security forces, sharing intelligence, and working with them to strike al-qaeda terrorists. >> yemen in response has sent hundreds of troops to two eastern provinces where the government has little control to try to route out the terrorists operating there. >>> the president and the use of the phrase, war on terror, which was used so often during the bush administration, he really has been very reluctant to use it. does he use it to describe this failed bomb plot from last christmas day? >> reporter: not the phrase,
the pressure of philip randolph and the march on washington that they gave in. you have a situation where if big business and republicans had their way you would have no price controls, no 40 hour week because they were against paying overtime, no hiring of minorities, you would have had a situation that makes the day's republicans look somewhat better. it was only because of extra parliamentary pressure like philip randolph's threat to move on washington that these things were finally changed. a threat which the communist party opposed because they were going after the war effort. in today's terms it is difficult to understand how reactionary much of the country was and what a difficult time roosevelt had and his own reluctance in many instances to do what in retrospect what would have been done. this brings me briefly to the holocaust where i have long documentation in the book because for the most part we're documenting things that aren't there. the p.m. did not say anything about holocaust until november of 1940 to when the rabbi made a famous speech in which he told the country this
this afternoon. temperature didn't make it to the freezing mark in washington today. current temperatures now that the sun has gone down are starting to tumble. already back down into the mid 20s. 25 degrees at national airport right now. 23 in fairfax county. 20 degrees in martinsburg. here are our wind chills. single digits a low teens across the area. a very cold night coming. wind advisory is up. winds will stay at 20 to 30 miles per hour sustained the rest of tonight and through tomorrow, as well. as a result, a wind chill advisory posted for the high spots west of the blue ridge into the mountains of west virginia. wind chills there minus 5 to minus 15over night tonight. single digits to around 10 degrees here inçó town. also the stream of moisture coming off the great lakes, winter storm warnings up for far western maryland and mountains of west virginia. no snow here in the metro area. as much as six inches of snow as far as far western maryland and southern pennsylvania for most of the overnight hours. that stream of moisture will continue through tomorrow, as well. be ready for ve
solo una te da la informacion mas importante de los hispanos en washington www.univisiondc.com las ultimas noticias lo mas sobresaliente de los deportes el reporte del clima los espectaculos mas calientes del area participa en las ultimas promociones y ofertas de la estacion www.univisiondc.com el portal de los latinos en washington >> una de las naciones que aparece con mayor reto es titular es es venezuela.h@ultim@ durante 2009 ocurrieron cosas muy importantes. los temas nacionales tambiÉn estuvieron a la orden del dÍa. >> fue un aÑo en el que los venezolanos vivieron como avanzÓ la instalación de la revoluciÓn socialista del presidente hugo chÁvez. la ofensiva comenzÓ desde temprano. en febrero chaves convocÓ aun referÉndum, el objetivo era poder ser reelegido indefinidamente. lo logrÓ. >> ahora comienza el tercer perÍodo. 2009 haa el 2039, >> a partir de esa victoria, pisÓ el acelerador revolucionario, se acercÓ a sus opositores. a la alcaldÍa mayor de caracas, eliminÓ todas sus funciones. la oposiciÓn prometiÓ lucha. >> vamos a defender esta constituciÓn. v
beckstrom is the ceo of icann. thank you for joining us. >> tomorrow on "washington journal," the international affairs professor looks at the obama' s next steps for dealing with iran. daniel erickson looks at u.s.- cuba relations. "washington journal," live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> now available, c-span is book, abraham lincoln, great american historians on our 16th president. a great read for any history buff. from 56 scholars, journalists, and writers, from lincoln's early years to his life in the white house and his relevance today. in hardcover at your favorite bookseller and out in digital audio to listeno
there. this is history. >> all right. thomas kline brockoff in washington, d.c., thank you very much for your insights. >> thank you. >>> with the passage of time, historic events like the fall of the wall become increasingly painted in broad strokes. often forgotten is that those events came about as a result of individual actions. 20 years ago perhaps no individual act was more significant than the decision by one east german border guard to be the first to open his checkpoint. roger cohen of "the new york times" has:h his story. >> reporter: herald yeager spent nearly three decades working at this border crossing. fic rushes by. 20 years ago it was a sealed crossing between east and west germany. yeager volunteered for the east goe german border police when he was 17. >> translator: at home i was brought up in the sense to believe that you also have to do something for the state you live in. >> reporter: the night of november 9th, 1989, was just another night on post. >> translator: i had just started. i had just gotten my sandwiches, got my pot of te i had placed them on the tabl
on the memorials and monuments in washington, d.c. >> world war ii began in 1939, when germany invaded poland. but the united states didn't get involved until two years later, when japan sneak-attacked our navy at pearl harbor. it took four long years before the allies finally won. the national world war ii memorial is a tribute to the heroism of that time. it's a memorial on a scale that matches america's massive commitment. 16 million men and women served in our military during wwii. it's located right at the heart of the national mall, between the washington monument and the lincoln memorial. however, the memorial didn't open until 2004 - almost 60 years after the war ended. vietnam and korea both had monuments earlier, even though those wars were fought after world war ii. >> why wasn't there a wwii memorial earlier? that was a generation who said "i'm just doing my job. i don't need any commemoration in essence for just doing my job." >> the memorial has many parts. at the center, there's a pool with a huge fountain. the architects wanted this to be a joyful symbol of the allies' victory
his hawaiian vacation to deal with the issue. but, back in washington, he might not like what he hears. yungi de nies is traveling with the president and joins us from hawaii. >> reporter: good evening, john. this is the first time that the president has publicly linked the suspect to al qaeda. it's clear he's no lone extremist, but part of a bigger problem and a bigger threat. president obama is still going through the initial reviews he ordered after the attempted bombing on flight 253. but he says one thing is clear -- that umar farouk was part of an al qaeda affiliated group in yemen. >> this group, trained him, equipped with those explosives. and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> reporter: the president said even before the christmas day indent, his administration has been pursuing this group along with the wider al qaeda network. >> this was a failure and a breakdown from beginning to end. >> reporter: republicans are critical of the vacationing president and his homeland security chief with some even calling for her to resigned. >> she said that the system
. "washington journal" taking your calls live every morning at 7:00 a.m. on eastern. monday, the president of the internet corporation for assigned names and numbers is interviewed by the the wall street journal technology reporter. >> in this next panel, and look at what could be the driving factors in the u.s. and global economies in 2010. we will hear from a member of president obama is council on economic adviser. this is just under one hour. >> we will talk about the world economy in 2010 now that the world has emerged from what is clearly the deepest postwar recession, what will the economy look like and what are the risks. the economy has been propped up mike government and by huge stimulus. what happens when we try to exit that? to leave risks sovereign debt crisis? what will asset markets to do? do we face the risk of an asset bubble? those of the kinds of questions that i want to talk about. we will have some predictions, some very concrete predictions. i have two terrific analysts. their biographies are in your packets. austin coolclear joined by the present'president's economic
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